Debbie goes to Ethiopia! A VSO volunteer in Assosa. Here is my blog.

Hello/Goodbye January 19, 2015

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One more post from Debiopia……

This will be the last post, but in the way these crazy blogs work, this is going to be the one that new visitors to the site will see first.  To those website wandering people – this is a blog about my life living as a VSO volunteer in Assosa, Ethiopia.  I have tried to make this blog interesting and vaguely educational.  It’s hopefully useful if you’re thinking of visiting Ethiopia, or doing a VSO placement.  Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to.

For those lovely friends and family who have actually read these posts during my adventures, thanks so much!  Writing was therapeutic in itself, but without any readers whatsoever I probably wouldn’t have done it.  Thanks for reading!


– Debbie


8 Responses to “Hello/Goodbye”

  1. Pat Anderson Says:

    Good luck in Poland. Will there be more news from a different country? P

  2. marianbeth Says:

    Thanks Debbie – I enjoyed sharing your insights and adventures through your blogs and will think of you on Wednesday as I fly to Assosa for a 10 day filed visit for Cuso International. Ciao for now, Marian

  3. jcravens Says:

    I have so enjoyed your blogs from Ethiopia. I hope you keep this blog up for a long while, as I think so many people will find it helpful for many years to come.

  4. Christine Godet Says:

    Thank for your blog, it has been a pleasure to read it and to get News from Assossa! Good luck…

  5. Debbie we’ve loved reading your blog at VSO UK, one of the best we’ve seen. Thank you and best wishes.

  6. Desta Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience in one of the remotest regions of Ethiopia. Yor blog is very interesting and thoughtful.
    Wish you all the best wherever your next journey takes you.

  7. Shemelis Says:

    As an Ethiopian I want to say thank you for your service I know it’s not easy. i have gone through all your blog posts and im so surprised how much you understood Ethiopian culture. If i was a prime minister I would have given you citizenship award LOL. Anyways You are an awesome person even if I haven’t met you in Ethiopia. Thank youu again

    • debzif Says:

      How nice to read your comments, thank you so much – I’m happy that my own understandings and interpretations of Ethiopia are received well by an Ethiopian 🙂 It was really a fantastic experience being there.

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