Debbie goes to Ethiopia! A VSO volunteer in Assosa. Here is my blog.

Around Assosa December 15, 2014

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For my last few days in Assosa, I just wandered around and tried to capture what Assosa actually looks like.  Which is quite difficult –  for a start because the streets are wide with few outstanding landmarks, and secondly because although Assosa isn’t exactly an overly large place, it varies rather a lot, depending on where you are.

Some of the photos might be of interest particularly to previous Assosa volunteers – the new builds, balloon arches, shiny fences and night lights are impressive.  The rest of the photos are just really to give a feel to the place that I called home.




One Response to “Around Assosa”

  1. jelford Says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts Debbie. Congratulations on completing your placement. Good luck with the reverse culture shock when you return to the UK!

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